3DVisLab Research Staff

Prof. Chris Rowland

Chris' research, teaching and professional practice is informed by twenty five years’ experience working in the creative industries. His research focuses on 3D Visualisation of Underwater Environments.

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Dr. Alice Watterson

Dr. Alice Watterson is an archaeologist and digital artist, her research explores the use of archaeological reconstruction and mixed media as an interpretive tool for engaging public outreach.

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Dr. Kieran Baxter

Kieran's research interests encompass the use of aerial photography and computer-generated imagery which can offer a powerful and revealing vision of historical built environments.

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John Anderson

John is a software development practitioner whose current research interests focus on the potential impact of creative collaborations between artists and software developers.

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Dr. Dylan Gauld

Dylan is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant using 3D computer graphics, animation, and scripting to improve the communication, understanding, and aesthetics of complex and challenging three-dimensional datasets across a variety of disciplines.

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Rany Bechara

Rany is a computer graphics artist with ten years of experience working across multiple industries. His research interests include photo-realistic rendering, photogrammetry, matte painting and audio visualisation.

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